Flake |
Aesthetics-em-up made during game jam No More Sweden 2013.
Obvious inspiration from Ico, Shadow of the Colossus.
Au2mat |
Yet another crazy & cute Noby Noby-like made for Automat indie arcade 2014.
2 player exploration party platform demolition game!
??? |
Audiovisual something something, made for a live performance.
You can collect sounding bits & pieces throughout the landscape.
non |
My entry for 7DFPS '13. A quite strange "FPS" game.
You have to intepret this one yourself. Play it here.
Automat |
Bennifer the triangle animal is Automat's official mascot,
this is the official game for Automat indie arcade 2013. Questions?
??? |
I wanted to make a game where, as you play, progress through different music loops.
Sadly unfinished and most likely to forever stay that way.
9hyllmil |
Inspired by the depths of Gothenburg's city archives. This is my first Unity game.
I made it in about 10 hours in one sitting. Sometimes school assigments do that to you.
Flower |
Made for Bzzz! sound art festival 2014 at Harp Art Lab.
The theme was the worldwide bee decline.